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LeungLaw lovin' at the World City Bar Leaders Conference

Jason Leung will be spreadin' some love on behalf of the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) at the 2014 World City Bar Leaders Conference September 10-13 in Philadephia, the city of brotherly love.

The World City Bar Leaders Conference is an international conference welcoming leaders of metropolitan bar associations around the world. In recent years, the conference has been held in Frankfurt, Montreal and Tokyo.

About TLA

TLA is the voice of lawyers in the City of Toronto. Founded in 1885 as the County of York Law Association, it has always represented the interests of lawyers practicing in Toronto and is dedicated to continuing this tradition. With over 3,000 members, TLA strives to represent Toronto lawyers. Our mandate is threefold – information, education, and advocacy. Check out the TLA website here.

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