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Business start-up

We help entrepreneurs with their start-up legal needs so they can obsess with the business itself. Through an individualized approach, we learn about you and your business so that we can assist with your incorporation, commercial agreements, and other general business matters.


We can effectively connect you with other specialist lawyers and service providers within our network because we take the time to know you. And we don't like to work by the clock--we charge a flat rate whenever we can.

Intellectual property

We practice in all areas of IP to provide a full-service solution to our clients engaged in innovation and commercialization no matter the sector. Our strengths cover a broad range of technology areas, including life sciences, mechanical, hightech, and cleantech.


We can secure your intellectual pursuits by building protection for your business through patents, trademarks, copyright, and designs. But you're a seasoned inventor? If it's advice on your IP portfolio, or a due diligence review that you're looking for, we've got you covered too. 

Business operations

So you're off and running. Legal issues will pop up now and again during the course of your business. We can help draft and negotiate agreements concerning non-disclosure and confidentiality, as well as material transfers.


Other commercial or terms of use agreements centred on your intellectual property are the key areas where we can add value. A glimpse of our expertise includes advising on agreements impacting commercialization and distribution, licensing, and IP assignments.


If it's the occasional advice you need from an outside general counsel, we can work on an hourly basis to allow you the flexibility to call on us to help you develop solutions for general business and IP matters.

Project management

When you hire LeungLaw, you'll quickly realize that you get the best of both worlds--legal expertise and project management. Other legal shops may pay lip service to this, but we have the credentials to prove it.


This means that your legal files are meticulously managed with the same attention you place on your high impact projects. This means that we keep our project document systems up to the latest industry standards. And this means we work highly efficiently and in the cloud to avoid having a clerk rummage through dusty files and passing on inflated legal fees to you.


For larger companies with an established in-house legal department, we have expertise to plan, execute and operationalize robust legal project management frameworks for your organization.

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